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One of the biggest problems with promoting what you create today is that the production of your content is the most determinative factor in its growth.

Too often, potentially great products fail since the content and the marketing are not aligned since they are treated as separate entities out of alignment, which is why so Musformation Growth is the first growth company to treat them as one.

With founder Jesse Cannon at the helm, considered one of the great marketing minds of his time as evidenced by the millions of views on his YouTube channel, and with 25 years of content production experience, we are the only partner with the expertise to align what you make with how it gets consumed by as many people as possible.

We guide existing media outlets, record labels, content houses, and independent creators to form a nimble team that functions better than the bloated ones of the past. Since we build strategy manuals and advise many of the top media creators on what they should do, we can identify emerging trends and opportunities for your growth before anyone else is seeing them. We also speak to industry leaders and are at the top of the chain in a community that learns about emerging technology, helping to keep costs to a minimum while keeping your product best in class.

There is no one better growth manager to partner with to make your next project grow.


The Daily Beast’s The New Abnormal (Production, Development, Marketing) 2020- Present

In 2020, at the dawn of the pandemic, we were tasked with creating and producing one of the top political podcasts in an environment where failure is imminent 99.99% of the time. We succeeded beyond anyone’s imagination. With more than 70 million downloads and counting, The New Abnormal regularly appears in the top 200 of all podcasts, and the show itself has peaked at number 3 on the Shows chart on Apple Podcasts.

Known as one of the few must-listen left-wing political podcasts that continually drives the conversation on both Twitter and cable news, you will regularly see it replayed and sometimes even referenced in the transcripts of high-profile Trump lawsuits. Whether interviewing White House officials, A-list actors, or cable news anchors, they continually elevate the political conversation, keeping them relevant for over four years.

The Grio’s Being Black: The 80s & The 70s (Production, Development & Marketing) 2022 – Present

When The Grio, along with host Toure (MTV, Rolling Stone, MSNBC), came to us, they outlined one goal: to have an award-winning show in their podcast roster, with listenership being a secondary concern. We worked with them to develop a podcast that achieved a huge audience, critical acclaim, and a clean sweep of every major podcast award. It won a Webby, Lovie, The Shorty and Signal award, garnered a nomination at the NAACP Image Awards and was also named one of the best podcasts of the year by Apple Podcasts. The podcast was recognized on countless Top 10 podcasts of the year lists, and the second season promises to be even bigger.

Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time (Production, Development & Marketing) 2023 – Present

After our successful partnership on Rolling Stone on Don’t Let This Flop, we partnered again to develop a podcast and YouTube show around their iconic 500 Greatest Songs list, which is seen globally as the definitive guide to understanding the history of modern music in the Western world. Together with our partners at iHeartMedia, we identified goals to create a podcast that complements the list, providing the audience with a deeper look at what makes the greatest songs of all time so exceptional.

Foxing Nearer My Pod (Production & Development) 2018

In 2018, the esteemed punk/indie label Triple Crown Records (Brand New, Kevin Devine) reached out to us with a problem. Their artist Foxing had been tagged with the dreaded title “emo” despite being so much more than that, and it was holding them back from bigger press opportunities and growth. Having just recorded an album with indie legend Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie), the group needed to break free from this label and show they were more than just “emo.” We achieved this by creating a podcast that showcased the group’s depth and the weight of their musical subjects, resulting in more mainstream coverage from outlets like The Wall Street Journal. Most importantly, this elevated perception is something the group continues to build on.

The Daily Beast’s The Last Laugh (Production, Development, Marketing) 2020 – Present

Comedy podcasts are a crowded space, so to stand out, you need to position yourself uniquely. When we came on board to help make The Last Laugh as good as possible, we joined one of the most knowledgeable and passionate hosts in the space. Together, we further developed a podcast that has garnered millions of downloads and continues to evolve, staying unique and telling the stories of the comedy world.

Off The Record – Music Business Podcast (Production, Development, Marketing) 2013-2019

In 2013, the popular underground music blog Property of Zack partnered with us to develop a podcast that discussed the music business and the technology around it, right as Spotify was becoming a dominant force in streaming. The podcast regularly appeared at the top of Apple Podcasts’ Music chart and was quickly picked up for syndication by Idobi Radio to reach 40k more listeners each week. As Property of Zack closed, the podcast evolved from a host conversation and interview format into a more documentary-style podcast that employed junior reporters. The podcast found a new partner in Alternative Press, which has been the dominant underground rock music publication for over 40 years. They developed narrative content that AP transformed into articles, generating hundreds of thousands of clicks.

Fast Politics w/ Molly Jong-Fast (Production, Development & Marketing) 2022-Present

After a successful partnership on The New Abnormal, Molly asked us to join her as she ventured out on her own media venture to form Fast Politics. From day one, we have strategized as the show hit #1 on Apple Podcasts in its first week and has been a mainstay on the news & politics charts since its launch. The show is regularly featured on major news outlets and tours the country to mid-sized venues.

Air Mail’s Morning Meeting Podcast (Production & Development) 2020 – Present

When legendary media figure Graydon Carter started Air Mail, many people were confused by its business model, which was unlike anything the media world had seen before. In time, they carved out a space in the media landscape that is now recognized as an important voice telling stories no one else is. The weekly publication’s accompanying podcast provides a deeper discussion of the topics in each issue, fostering a stronger bond with the publication’s readers and offering non-subscribers a taste of what they could explore. Over the years, we have continually evolved the podcast, growing a passionate audience.

Vagrant Records: 25 Years On The Streets (Production, Development & Marketing) 2021-2023

Vagrant Records is considered by many millennials to be the best record label ever, having released classic records from groups like The 1975, Dashboard Confessional, Saves The Day, The Hold Steady, Senses Fail, and countless others. For their 25th anniversary, we were tasked with telling their story over 20 hour-long episodes. This project helped revamp interest as the label reissued their catalog, telling new stories to reignite memories and spark new interest in their classic tales.

Atlantic Records Inside The Album, Landed, What’d I Say (Production, Development, Marketing) 2017 – 2020

After Jesse’s success with Off The Record, one of the biggest record labels in the world, Atlantic Records, turned to Jesse to document the label’s artist-friendly ethos while promoting their artists. He created and developed three podcasts that showcased how the label interacts with artists, providing one of the most honest and in-depth looks at the music business. The series regularly landed in the Top 50 Music charts on Apple Podcasts. Other objectives included mini-series for groups like Straight No Chaser, who wanted to tell their story to further engage fans during the Christmas season when they are a fixture.

The Daily Beast’s Fever Dreams (Production, Development, Marketing) 2021 – 2023

In our third partnership with The Daily Beast, we launched the definitive podcast on the devolving, conspiracy-filled world of the alt-right. The podcast received millions of downloads, garnered a rabid fanbase, and exceeded The Beast’s goals of being seen as the definitive publication on the subject. Sadly, the hosts took jobs at other outlets, and the podcast ceased publication after two years.

Rolling Stone’s Don’t Let This Flop Podcast (Production, Development, Marketing) 2023

When one of media’s great magazines turned to us to enhance their already amazing podcast on internet culture, we couldn’t say no. Taking on an established podcast can often be like trying to turn a cruise ship around in a timely fashion, but we saw the hosts’ amazing rapport and analysis and knew that, with some tweaks, we could build a far larger audience for the podcast. By implementing a simple strategy and analysis, we identified areas in the crowded field where the hosts’ talents could excel best, significantly increasing their audience.

Killed By Desk (Production, Development, Marketing) 2021-2023

We teamed with some of the funniest people the punk scene to make a podcast that told a story no one seemed to be telling, what musicians do for a job when they can no longer make a living through music. The stories told on the podcast sparked countless conversations throughout the musician community.


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